Prioritising what emergency services a product team works on first

Drawing of lines next to each other
  1. Centre their decisions around user needs
  2. Focus…

Video meeting of designers faces
Weekly design meeting, summer 2020
  • £50,000 per year
  • Permanent
  • Flexible working, office work in London — when we go back to offices
  • A mix of hands-on design work and management

Informal chats

Drawing of a hovercraft with a red cross on it
The Red Cross until recently had a hovercraft for some lochs in Scotland. I loved learning this.
  1. Design as close to problems as possible
  2. Subject matter experts are amazing
  3. Deliver first, push for…

Example of mapping services

Opportunity to join our team looking at how the Red Cross can be smarter in how it supports communities at risk of humanitarian crises

Look at the job applications [Closing date 23rd August]

Chat to Jess and Harry about the role

The team you’d be joining

Mutual Aid groups in the UK

Working across emergencies, migration and health inequalities, you’ll lead on designing how people interact with our services.

Look at the job applications [Closing date 9th August]

Chat to Afsa, Shafqat and Harry about the role

The team you’ll be joining

Volunteers are our service; give them the tools for the job

Why bother making a map?

Harry Trimble

Head of Design, Made Tech, previously Red Cross, GDS, NHS

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