Doing sport locally is hard

Doing sport is a pain. Not the physical pain, a admin one. Sometimes it feels like most the effort of doing sports is finding and booking a place to do it. Leaving me feeling tired before I’ve hit a ball or jumped in a pool.

I am not alone in this experience.

My housemate can’t find where locally you can play badminton. The pitches my softball teams use to get double booked and we don’t play someones. I want to buy my nephew swimmingly lessons but couldn’t compare prices for different places where he lives up north.

Swimming lessons timetable PDF

Finding and booking somewhere to do a sport is hard. Doing the admin to run places is hard too.

Registering to use my local pools takes days, as that’s how long its database takes to update. We can’t always pay the leisure center where we play badminton as their software crashes.

To help her local tennis club, my stepmum manages the court bookings for kids tennis lessons. Not only is using Microsoft Excel to do this tricky and stressful, she fears all the information she inputs will get lost next time my dad changes the home computer.

People just want to do sport, be active and have fun. Other people want to help them achieve that.

Things could be simpler

Head of Design, Made Tech, previously Red Cross, GDS, NHS

Head of Design, Made Tech, previously Red Cross, GDS, NHS