Innovation isn’t a thing

My old uni asked me to contribute to an article about ‘Innovation’ for it’s yearly magazine.

The words I wrote and slightly embarrassing drawing of me are below:

Innovation isn’t a thing. I’m sceptical of those who use the word a lot. Innovation is just to that say something is better than before. I’ve noticed people actually doing ‘innovation’, tend to just describe the ‘better’ and the ‘before’. Services being better than before, means them being easy to use and cheap to build. A service designer’s job is mostly finding out what stops services being like this. It is often infrastructure problems, which means getting the basics right first like data, jobs roles, contracts, understanding user needs. As my ex-colleague Russell Davis used to say ‘No innovation until everything works.’

Lead designer at the Red Cross, previously @projectsbyif, @gdsteam. Fairness fan

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