Leading design at the Red Cross: lessons I’ve learned

Drawing of a hovercraft with a red cross on it
The Red Cross until recently had a hovercraft for some lochs in Scotland. I loved learning this.

Design as close to problems as possible

Helen, support line volunteers with early operator manual, April 2020

Subject matter experts are amazing

Laura, former Emergency Response Officer, talking about user research on early prototypes, January 2020

Deliver first, push for reforms after

“Design is something you do and see, rather than something you say.”

Family tracing tool currently being trialled with caseworkers

Means to production — “We need more devs”

The Internet must be our operating model

Sustainably grow a design community

“The design community is great, but it’s not enough.”

Be more patient, there is progress

“What was shown today would been impossible three years ago [when I was at the Red Cross].”

Design and management are different skills

Weekly design meeting, summer 2020

Come lead design at the Red Cross

Lead designer at the Red Cross, previously @projectsbyif, @gdsteam. Fairness fan

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